As clandestine meetings go, this one turned out to be not so clandestine.

As everyone except perhaps California surfers now knows, former President Clinton’s private plane and Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s private plane almost experienced a mid-ground collision on the tarmac at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport a few days ago.

The AG had a speaking engagement in Phoenix, so her presence at the airport was understandable.

Bill Clinton’s presence at the airport seems a bit more coincidental. The Clinton spokespersons would have us believe that Bill was just flying around the country for lack of anything better to do, when his pilot spotted the beautiful Valley of the Sun and decided to drop in at Sky Harbor as a break from spending so much time flying nowhere.

Once on the ground Bill apparently learned that Loretta Lynch was “coincidentally” headed his way for a Phoenix speaking engagement (or whatever). Having nothing better to do than flying aimlessly around the country, he decided to wait on the tarmac until the AG’s plane landed. Being the gregarious sort, he determined that he would pay a little surprise visit on Mrs. Lynch as soon as she landed and her plane was parked. It is unclear whether Mrs. Lynch’s plane coincidentally parked close enough to the former President’s plane so that he would be able accomplish his social visit on foot, or whether the former President’s plane was required to stalk the AG’s plane in order to effectuate the rendezvous.

We also know that President Clinton met alone with Loretta and her husband–no press, no staff, and no security personnel. The next logical questions are “how” and “why”? Either the meeting was pre-arranged among the principals, or he had to communicate through his security folks in order to make sure they understood the rules. One can only imagine the nature of that conversation:

“Mr. Secret Service guy, would you hustle over to talk to the Attorney General’s plane, before she deplanes, to let her know that I, former President and august personage, would like to honor her with a brief social call. Let her know that this coincidental, unscheduled, and completely unplanned meeting is most fortuitous, since I would like to have a chat with her about golf, our travels, and  grandchildren.  Oh yes, and make sure that she understands that the meeting must be completely private. We wouldn’t want the press to glean any information about our golf scores, where we have been, or our grandchildren’s potty training, you know.”

We then presume that an acquiesce by Mrs. Lynch arrived in timely fashion, and the former President, accompanied by his security detail, ambled across the tarmac to the conveniently close Lynch plane, parted company with his security detail, and climbed the stairs into the sanctuary of Mrs. Lynch’s plane. We do not know whether Mrs. Lynch’s pilot and co-pilot were hustled off the plane or were simply sequestered in the cockpit.

So we have a pretty good idea how the details of this chance meeting unfolded–but what about the “why” aspect of the encounter?

We know that both the former President and Mrs. Lynch had in mind that their meeting would go undetected. Neither one left the meeting declaiming–“Wow, what a coincidence, I just unexpectedly ran into former President Clinton!” or “Wow, I just unexpectedly ran into Attorney General Lynch.” In point of fact, we would likely still not know about this “chance” meeting if a local Phoenix TV anchor or reporter had not been tipped off that it was taking place.

Even if one could believe that this little tête-à-tête really occurred by chance, the demand for total secrecy leaves only the very, very naïve to believe that the conversation was limited to golf, travels, and grandchildren.

We will not be so crass as to suggest that the subject of the FBI’s ongoing criminal investigation of Hillary, Bill, and their relationship (and the government’s relationship) to the Clinton Foundation actually came up during the half hour or so meet and greet. Nor was it necessary that Bill raise the subject of the investigation in order to get his point across.

Our surmise is that Bill told Loretta that she was Hillary’s first choice to fill the vacancy left on the Supreme Court by the untimely demise of Justice Scalia. Then he turned the conversation to golf, travel, and grandchildren–so, at least, they wouldn’t have to lie about that.

Pretty clever actually. Without ever mentioning the FBI or its investigation, Bill communicates that if Hillary is actually indicted, she will lose the election, and if she loses the election, Loretta’s prospect of being appointed to the Supreme Court goes up in smoke as well. Anyone but a politician would consider this sort of conduct to be a form of bribery.

The most amazing thing about this fabrication by a high ranking former public official and a current public official, is that, even when confronted with its implausibility, Democrat spokespersons and the Main Stream Media have tumbled to this fairy tale with the gusto of the Brothers Grimm.

Who of sane mind (or any mind at all for that matter) could seriously believe that Clinton’s plane and Lynch’s plane just happened to be in the same place at the same time; or that complete secrecy was necessary for a casual conversation about grandchildren. Please. We know that the principals perpetrating “Plane Gate” are corrupt, but it never ceases to amaze that the media types are so willing to look like ignorant boobs in order to try to conceal the obvious. But then no one ever claimed that Democrats and their support group were lacking in gullibility.

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