Because this is our first posting since the Presidential election, we want to take this opportunity to congratulated Donald Trump on his well-run and successful populist campaign. We are also inclined to extend congratulations to the GOP as well–though it seems likely that the GOP success occurred in spite of, rather than because of, many members of the GOP Establishment.

We are also pleased to suggest that many of the concepts that led to Trump’s success are covered extensively in our companion book–“Honey I Shrunk the Government (Tough Love for the GOP).”

Anticipating the Trump Presidency has been extremely satisfying. However, we cannot deny that it was equally gratifying to watch the Clinton Machine grind to a staggering and unexpected stop– to the obvious and enjoyable disbelief of the media, the pollsters, DNC folks, and a fair number of anti-Trump GOP Establishment types.  Apparently, this time around, a plurality of American voters decided  not to be taken in again by the Democrats “big lie”–“We’re going to make the lives of the poor and middle class better–just like we always have.”

The notion of “draining the swamp” in D.C. is compelling because it hints of eliminating much of what we perceive to be wrong with our federal government. We are confident that President Trump will preside over a thorough cleansing of the unbridled corruption and cronyism that has been pervasive in Washington and which has done much to destroy confidence in the federal political system over the past two and a half decades.

But cleaning up D.C. is only a start. While corruption, arrogance, lies, deception, and fecklessness are systemic within the federal government, they are arguably symptomatic rather than causal.  The root cause of the disaster that has become the abusive seat of power in Washington can be found throughout contemporary life in America.  In other words–there is more than one swamp which must be drained.

The next reclamation project which needs to be undertaken involves fixing the badly-broken media. There can be little question that the media is strongly biased, at all levels, in favor of the Democratic Party and its candidates.  There is also little doubt that many completely incompetent Democrats have been propelled into office with the swift wind of media bias at their backs.  And perhaps, more importantly, who among us can contest the fact that the GOP and the RNC and their affiliates have spent billions of dollars endeavoring to counter the deleterious effects of liberal, media bias during each election cycle?

The media has essentially abandoned its Fourth Estate function of being the watchdog of the people.  Instead it has become the lapdog of the Democratic National Committee.

As we have frequently suggested, for half the money the GOP normally spends trying to neutralize the liberal media, the GOP could acquire, control, and convert the media to its own political persuasion (a matter also covered in great detail in Honey I Shrunk the Government).   When confronted with the argument that acquisition and control of media outlets by the GOP would violate First Amendment freedom of speech, one needs to simply note that that is exactly what the Democratic Party has done over many decades.

When the liberal media swamp has been thoroughly drained, attention should then be turned to cleaning up the primordial swamp of academia. Ah academia–the cultural institution that is supposed to educate and enlighten our best and brightest.  Unfortunately, our institutions of higher learning no longer enlighten–they offer only politically-correct pabulum, liberal orthodoxy, and unbelievable bias.  Who would have thought that these once bastions of free speech could sink so low as to penalize and excoriate any student having the audacity to articulate a conservative thought or concept?  Who would have ever thought that nebulous notions of political incorrectness, hate speech, safe spaces, and “micro-aggressions” would inveigh students for taking any conservative position on campus (or off campus) which might conflict with any liberal or progressive doctrine?  It appears that “micro-aggression” can be easily defined as being any writing or statement which contravenes any writing or statement containing a liberal or progressive thought or principle.  Leaving for another day discussion of the implications of our colleges and universities creating an entire generation of dysfunctional pantywaists, it is safe to conclude, overall, that we have transitioned from “Institutions of Higher Learning” to “Institutions of Liberal Propaganda.”

The academic swamp may prove to be the most difficult to drain, because the only folks who have any real leverage over these educational institutions are their ultra-rich donors. Unfortunately, as we all know, once folks become extremely wealthy, they tend to take contra-indicative postures by becoming ultra-liberal, eschewing capitalism, and declaiming all things conservative.  Because of the election of Donald Trump, there is some hope that the threat of withholding federal funds might convince colleges and universities that freedom of speech needs to be a two-way street.

After a little practice draining the Washington swamp, and then the media swamp, perhaps The Donald will have gained enough experience to tackle the more challenging academic swamp.

To the millions of real Americans who had the temerity and the perspicacity to vote for Donald Trump, congratulations and best wishes for an exciting 2017. Now let’s get out there and drain some swamps in order to, well, “Make America Great Again.”

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