We know how you must feel.  The earth has shifted under your political feet.  The solid political principles that have guided your lives are in flux.  You are desperate to find a path to political safety in an uncertain populist environment.  Unfortunately, you are ill-equipped to deal with what is happening in America and your traditional instincts are leading you down the wrong path. 

 You have apparently decided that President Trump is an aberration.  Like campaign finance laws and earmark restrictions, this too shall pass.  But you ignore the populist movement at your own peril.  The voters’ being upset with the GOP status quo is not a passing fancy.  Ignoring the will of your constituents is not a formula for success.  You will not remain relevant to this country and its government so long as you continue to believe that the power you have accumulated is more important than the will of the people who granted you that power.

 How can you reconcile that, while the same people who put you in power want you to support the agenda of President Trump, you seem to believe that your solemn duty is to join the Democrats in obstructing Trump’s populist agenda? 

 What part of your promise to “repeal” Obamacare do you not understand?  Do you think we understood your promise to “repeal” Obamacare meant “tweak and improve”?  Or “prop up failing Obamacare”?  Or “fix the Obamanation constructed exclusively by the Democrats”?  Or “save Obamacare” so that the legacy of America’s worst President will be forever hailed as the progenitor of America’s new socialized medicine?  Do you think that we put you in Congress to salvage Obama’s takeover of America’s health care system?  Do you think we elected you to “Make Obamacare Great Again” or to “Make American Health Care Great Again”?  This is supposed to be a rhetorical question, but we are guessing that such a notion went well over your political noggins. 

 The usual suspects turn up as being RINO—pettifogging the public into believing that they are Republicans when in fact they are nothing more than Democrat wolves in Republican sheep’s clothing.  To avoid any ambiguity, let’s list the so-called Republican Senators who are standing in the way or the Trump agenda and who need to be subject to primary challenge and replaced.  If these people continue to be appropriate soldiers under the Republican banner, then the banner needs to be torn down.  To list only the most obvious (and not including the failed GOP Congressional leadership)—Rob Portman, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Lisa Murkowski, Thom Tillis and Susan Collins.  These Senators have no kinship with the Republican Party, no interest in their constituents, and no interest in making America great again.  Their only interest is in political self-preservation or self-aggrandizement.  The sooner they can be extirpated from the GOP the better.

 Please do not misunderstand the clear message that we are attempting to communicate to the GOP.  Your survival is dependent on your grasp of this concept.  Do what the American people are demanding that you do.  Stop putting interest groups’ interests in front of the interests of your constituents. We are not at all confident that you possess the intellect or intuition to understand the precarious nature of your position.   You are on the verge of becoming irrelevant—on the verge of being preplaced by the Tea Party.

 You are constantly asking for our political support.  Now it’s turn for us to ask—Will you do what you have promised, or forever desert your supporters?

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IF you want to know what it was like to live during the Great Depression–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you want to know what national bankruptcy looks like–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think you’ll enjoy watching the Supreme Court trample the Constitution–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think an attack on the United States by China would be fun–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think a weakened military would be helpful in fending off an attack by China–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think that the Second Amendment means that only the Government should have weapons–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you want more jobs and potential tax revenues shipped abroad–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think our economy should be hamstrung by even more ridiculous regulations–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think the country needs to take in more unvetted Syrian jihadists–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think our country should move toward Sharia Law, with its accompanying denigration of women–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you like having your freedom of speech squelched by ridiculous assertion of political correctness–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you believe that our public schools should be protected from competition so that they can continue to deteriorate–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you believe the country should be divided on the basis of race, age, religion, and income solely for political purposes–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you believe that open, unsecured borders make the country more secure and helps stem the flow of illegal aliens and drugs–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think that Obamacare is one whale of a good entitlement program–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think it’s a good idea to put the police in jail so that thugs, looters, and anarchists will have more freedom to roam our streets–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you want the USA to be considered a laughing stock by the rest of the world–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you want to continue to turn our friends into enemies and our enemies into allies–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think advancing to nuclear weapons objectives of the crazy Mullahs in Iran will reduce global unrest–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think that liberal bias in the media and in academia is good for the country–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think that more restrictions on the ability of banks to extend credit and fewer restrictions on greedy Wall Street con artists are good ideas–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you are willing to tolerate even more corruption in the IRS, the Department of Justice and other unchecked federal agencies–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you like being treated as a victim, living in high crime areas, and being completely dependent on the federal government–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think that politicians should use private foundations to enrich themselves at taxpayer expense–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think the President of the United States should be oblivious to the impact of classified documents on national security–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you think we should elect a President who thinks the majority of the American people are deplorable, irredeemable, racists, rogue law enforcement officers, Islamaphobes, and religious bigots–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you believe that we should be governed by politicians who believe that the will of the voters is of no consequence–VOTE FOR CLINTON

IF you are unable to comprehend the implications of this message–YOU HAVE PROBABLY ALREADY VOTED FOR CLINTON




It is almost beyond belief that the Republican establishment is still clueless—even in the face of overwhelming evidence. The Republican establishment (let’s just call them the “Establishment)” knows who they are: Reince, Mitch, Paul, John, et al—or as Ted Cruz likes to call them, the “Washington cartel,” have thrown off the mantle of leadership and have succumbed to the “victim” mentality of the political left.  Continue reading AND THEN THEY CAME FOR ME