An Open Letter to Attorney General Sessions

Honorable Jeff Sessions,

We loved you as the affable and candid Senator from Alabama. 

But times, places, jobs, and responsibilities have changed for all of us.  Mostly for the good–but not entirely.  It is apparent, however, that the DOJ and the FBI are still firmly mired in the Obama years and continue to be guided by Obama’s policies.  And it is clearly your job, as Attorney General, to rectify that situation.  Both the DOJ and the FBI have been politicized (“weaponized” is the contemporary jargon) to aid and assist the progressive Democrat objectives and to obstruct and delay conservative Republican objectives.    

We believe it was a huge mistake on your part to recuse yourself from participation in the so called Russian collusion investigation.  We understand that you were concerned about a possible “appearance of impropriety”–but, frankly, there is simply no way that any unbiased person could reasonably conclude that casual contact with the Russian ambassador, whether as a Senator or as a cheerleader for the Trump campaign, had any bearing on the alleged Russian collusion myth.  And after a year, there is still “not a scintilla of evidence” of Trump campaign collusion with Russia, or collusion with anyone else for that matter. 

Let’s take a look at the implications and consequences of your recusal.  Absent your recusal, the biased, partisan cabal of Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey would not have been formed.  Absent your recusal, Special Counsel Mueller would not have been appointed, and the purely political Russian collusion “goose chase,” funded with millions of taxpayer dollars, would not have gone forward.  Surely no reasonable person could conclude that the Mueller prosecution is the result of a non-political FBI process.  Consider for a moment how things came to pass.  Comey leaked confidential FBI documents (a felony) on the ostensible grounds that such release would require the appointment of a Special Counsel with respect to the Russian “collusion” allegation.  But it does not follow that the unlawful leak by Comey necessitated the appointment of a Special Counsel.  People have paid lip service to the connection between the leak and the appointment (Rod Rosenstein says it was the leak that prompted him to appoint a Special Counsel), but, to our knowledge, no one has advanced any meaningful nexus between to two acts.  As a result of your voluntary recusal, Rod Rosenstein was able to appoint Mueller–coincidentally and conveniently a good friend of Comey–as Special Counsel. 

The appointment of Mueller could not conceivably have occurred without collusion against Trump by members of your FBI.  Surely these three conspirators (Comey, Rosenstein, and Mueller) met or discussed their plan or plot.  Comey must have indicated that he would release documentation ostensibly necessitating the appointment of a Special Counsel (even though there is nothing inherent in the leak that cries out for the appointment of Special Counsel).  Rosenstein apparently bought into Comey’s bogus assertion that a Special Counsel appointment was somehow now justified or even  required.  And in spite of having a list of numerous possible appointees, Rosenstein just happened to appoint Mueller, a longtime friend of Comey.  Mueller quickly accepted the appointment in spite of numerous, apparent, and ever-growing conflicts of interest.   Then, as icing on the “get Trump” conspiratorial cake, Mueller rounded up a staff of known Hillary Clinton proponents and Trump haters.   

Mr. Attorney General.  Your ostensible desire to avoid any appearance of impropriety is overwhelmed by the actual impropriety, and clear bias, and ill will of the Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller triumvirate.  In short, your recusal has resulted in the obvious and continuous politicization of the FBI.  Your actions have, at least inadvertently, resulted in corruption within, and abuse of power by, the FBI–perhaps the most important of the agencies over which you now have theoretical control.   We believe that termination of this unwarranted, corrupt, improper, witch hunt is essential to begin the restoration of the damaged reputation of the FBI.  Frankly, we had quite enough of this sort of lawless and political corruption of the DOJ and the FBI during the Obama administration.

 So what is to be done at this point?  Citing the corrupt nature of the current Special Counsel investigation, and the obvious damage it is doing to the FBI, you could “unrecuse” yourself and take whatever action is necessary to end the Russian collusion farce.  Or you could simply replace Rosenstein, who has shown himself to be nothing more than a pro-Clinton, anti-Trump, political hack.  Rosenstein’s replacement could call off the Special Counsel investigation, replace Mueller with an unbiased individual who is not a personal friend of James Comey (the principal culprit in the whole Clinton email debacle as well as the bogus Russian collusion fiasco), or appoint a new Special Counsel to investigate the obvious corruption and bias of the Mueller investigation. 

 Taking no action under the present circumstances is simply not an acceptable option– given the damage that is being done to the FBI and the DOJ and the distraction the investigation poses to the Trump administration’ agenda. 

And, speaking of institutional damage, why is there nothing in the works to investigate the numerous “real” improper acts of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation during the campaign, and more importantly, during her tenure as Secretary of State?  Some have said that we should simply let bygones be bygones regarding Hillary.  Hasn’t her defeat in 2016 been punishment enough?  The short answer is “no.”  It’s not just that Hillary needs to be taught a lesson.  It’s more important than that.  It is clear to most right-thinking Americans that there are two standards of justice in the country–one for elites like Hillary and another for the remainder of hard-working, honest Americans.  Something must be done to rectify that legitimate perception.  

Michael Flynn may go to jail for misleading the FBI about a perfectly legal matter.  Why does this seem to happen only to conservative Republicans (think Scooter Libby)? 

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is not being investigated, although she: 

            1.  Put classified material at risk by negligently and knowingly using a personal server (a crime whether you call it “gross negligence” or “extreme carelessness);

            2.  Lied to the Congress and the FBI–and the American public–about her personal server, the existence of classified material on that server, the number of wireless devices connected to the server, the fact that she turned over all State Department related documents and emails to the State Department, and the fact that she only destroyed personal email (yoga, wedding and Bill-related emails);

            3.  Lied to Congress–the American public and Gold Star parents–about the cause and nature of the Benghazi consulate attack;

            4.  Accepted a bribe of approximately $145 million (paid to the Clinton Foundation) in exchange for her approval of the sale of 20% of the United States’ uranium resources to a Russian-owned entity; and

            5.  Accepted contributions to the Clinton Foundation from a number of foreign governments (including many who are guilty of human rights violations and abusive treatment of women) in exchange for favorable access to her as the Secretary of State (and presumptive next President of the United States).  

For these illegal and/or unethical acts, Hillary has been indicted for nothing, was not seriously considered for indictment by any governmental authority, and, essentially, received no punishment or meaningful condemnation.  But thank goodness we were able to nail that deceitful Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI about a matter of no consequence. 

And so, Mr. Attorney General, we think that, based upon the side-by-side comparison Trump acts and Hillary acts set forth above, the scales of justice within the Department of Justice, and its subsidiary entities like the FBI, are badly askew. 

James Comey has single-handedly destroyed the faith of the American public in the FBI.  Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have seriously undermined the confidence of the American public in the Department of Justice generally (not to mention the biased, irresponsible, deep state DOJ underlings who seem to be popping up daily).   

President Trump has handed you the challenge of restoring the faith of the people in the DOJ and FBI as pinnacles of the American justice system.  And, frankly, it will not do at all for you to simply take a pass on the grounds that all past and present DOJ problems will be addressed and resolved by Special Counsel, Robert Mueller–a former head of the FBI, a man who is friendly with the despoilers of the DOJ, and whose singular mission appears to be to politically hinder, or politically wound, your boss, the President of the United States. 


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