The principal thrust of “Honey I Shrunk the Government” is to advocate sensible ways to reduce the power, impact, and influence of the federal government on the great people of this nation. We are at a clear turning point in our history–Do we continue to slide into a nation of dependency, mediocrity, and global ineffectiveness, or do we shrink the federal government and return to our roots of independence and entrepreneurship.

Understand that this site is intended to provide only constructive criticism to the GOP–to point out its flaws and improve its ability to connect with the people of this great country and to advance conservative and moderate, non-sectarian causes.

There is little mention of the Democrat Party, and when there is mention it is likely to be harsh criticism. There is very little about the Democrats–demagogues, sycophants, hypocrites, and destroyers of wealth and dignity–which can be cast in a positive light (so do not expect us to do so).  We would be perfectly happy to relegate the Democrat Party to the ash heap of history.  As Nancy Pelosi might say, “You’ve got to be in the ash heap of history to know what’s in it.”

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